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Carlos Sanchez of his admiration for the bordeaux red and blue faithful in word and says that he and the players are determined to make things for a big family, the club has to offer. Sanchez says, the team knows that they are table in a difficult position at the foot of the Barclays Premier League. But he insists there is a great determination in the group to push upwards and success in the struggle for security. He is confident the players can do it - and he emphasized that the tremendous support of the fans gives them even more "positive energy" to rule this term. He told AVTV HD: "The fans are part of our family you are part of our club we are together ... "We must be united for our club. If we lose, they lose. If we win, you win. "I know that they are fighting for us and with us till the end - so we can get through this. "We never know what the outcome will be, but we know that we unite for our club. "When they cheer us, it's amazing. It gives you the will to do more. "They give us so much positive energy. It motivates us to work even harder." Sanchez is eager to transform things quickly with a positive result against Watford this weekend. He emphasized the squad are together in their determination to move. He added: "It was difficult against Everton We were all very disappointed, of course .. "But the team are all together. That's very important. "We have to stay positive and keep working. "Morality has always been good in the team. We feel it gives us a confidence and we are all working towards the same goal here. "There is a pressure obviously, and we all know that. We also know what we need to do to resolve the situation. We are determined to solve the problem and stay. "We need 100% in training and 100% in the games to change the situation."

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